frequently asked questions

Dy Academy is established by Dorian Yates and his team of DY Expert trainers to provide you
with the tools, and 100% personalised service to help you surpass your fitness goals. With
completely tailored workout and meal plans, the DY Academy team is here to provide you with
everything you need to get in the best shape of your life- no matter where in the world you are
based. You will have direct access to a DY-approved expert Trainer who can correspond with you online, helping you every step of the way.
This is not just for bodybuilders, but anyone wanting to improve their fitness and get in shape using the most effective and efficient methods Dorian has used throughout his career and lead a
healthy life into his sixties.

When you join us at the DY Academy you have a choice of trainers that is entirely yours: either Dorian himself (limited availability) or one of his expert trainers. Should you choose the second option, you will be assigned a specialized DY expert trainer.

Thoroughly educated personally by Dorian himself, your coach will be working with you day to day, whilst all of your plans will be overseen and approved by Dorian himself as well sharing touchpoints and content with you across your journey.

So we can learn as much as we can about you, and help you best, we would prefer to keep you on a focused plan without massive changes for a 6-10 week period. This is so we can gather as much information and decide where exactly we need to progress. Also, we don’t want to be changing your exercise selection frequently, but rather progressing the weights and reps as frequently as possible to ensure maximum muscle growth.

Your particular rate for muscle gain and weight loss will depend on your genetics, training,
consistency, intensity level, nutrition and supplementation, rest, and other factors. Now if you
follow your new training and nutrition plans to a tee, keep accountable with your check-ins and
keep yourself driven to achieving your goal there is no doubt, no matter your ability, or goal your
body will positively respond and you will ultimately feel better.

You decide. You tell us how much time per week you have for training and what your goal is.
Whilst we have an optimal method for building muscle and seeing results, the DY Academy is
established on Dorian’s HIT principles which promotes training at a maximum of four times per

Of course, you can! DY Academy can accommodate creating a plan around your preferred
location and fit around your goals and lifestyle. Whilst training in the gym is optimal, accomplish fitness goals with limited equipment you can still accomplish fitness goals with limited equipment.

Dorian is often noted for promoting the use of training logs, as they taught him the areas where
to improve, allowed him to celebrate hitting goals, and keep accountable to progress his
training. Becoming a blueprint to help him build his body gave him guidance on what needed to
be done.
This is the same feedback you can expect at DY Academy and more! Each week you will be
expected to keep accountability and check in with your DY-Expert trainer, recording your week’s
progress, obstacles, and feedback.
This is our chance as expert coaches under Dorian’s watchful eye to ensure you keep
continually progressing as Dorian did in his bodybuilding career and no matter your goal ensure
you keep on track.

We can’t all eat the same as Mr. Olympia so your meal plan is based on your goals, preferences (religious, dietary etc.), allergies, and needs. Accurately mapped out for you to succeed, you will find
various options per meal, with a full recipe, breakdown, and ingredients list per meal.
Consistency is paramount to your success, so whilst we want to ensure you’re fuelling your
body with the right food, we also want you to enjoy it. Whilst we have programmed you recipes
that fit your requirements and preferences, we also want your room for input. If there are any
meals you’re not so keen on, or fancy a change – let us know at your check-in and we can swap them out for something more fitting.

It absolutely is! Dorian´s HIT methods and principles are adaptable for everyone and anyone, especially if you would like to gain more time and still progress towards your health and fitness goals.